The Celestial Hounds have issued a statement:

There is too much in-fighting in the dog-verse about who is the goodest boy, and a competition must be held in the dogpit. A challenge of dog-bonking, to prove just WHO is the most dog of dogs. And YOU have been chosen as the underdog!

But there's a catch: every battle must be completed before every dog succumbs to the growing heat of battle. Snowpoffs will be provided for temporary relief, but many, many dogs will also be battling to stay on top.  The Celestial Hounds will not allow you to perish, but they also believe in a fair fight.

Roll, bonk, and BORK your way to the top, to prove your might! Learn new abilities boopin snoots with your fellow woofs! Become the Goodest Dog in the dog-verse!


WASD and ENTER to navigate menus

WASD - Movement
Q - Dodge Left
E - Dodge Right
Space - Jump
Left Mouse Button - Attack
Right Mouse Button - BackHop
LShift - Bark
Enter - Pause


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