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this game has a nice art style!

Hello this is such a cool game

your so good thanks 

(sarcasm detected)


Tried to enjoy this one, but the difficulty is ridiculous.. Especially those jumping things with one shot they bounce about, follow you and it becomes a frustration

Hey buddy just wanted to let you know I encountered a bug on the moving platforms on DeploreMan's level where I was no longer standing on it, but was still moving left and right with it. I haven't been able to recreate it, but just figured I'd let you know. Great job so far

thx for the heads up :o


Very Cool Mega Man Inspired Game. Congrats.

The game feels great to play but the current difficulty is way too high. The enemies are getting an easier hand to jump on us and kill us whereas we don't have that power to dodge and shoot them instead. Apart from this the style and theme of the game are quite good.